Electricity Prices Rise, Protestors Rise Up in Armenia
25 June, 2015

Hromadske reports directly from Yerevan, where thousands are gathering on Independence Square demanding that the authorities reverse the decision to raise the electricity prices - the third price hike in as many years. While electricity prices are what caused the demonstrations, many are staying on the streets and protesting against the current government, which they say only listens to Russia and not to the people.

"For me the prices aren't a goal. I just wish to throw these authorities out and create a country that can decide on its own how to behave with its neighbors," says one protestor. "There's not much that happens in Armenia for Armenia."

"Armenian electricity networks belong to a private Russian company that, unfortunately had been badly managed and now it has over 250 m dollars in debt. It was decided that part of the debt will be paid by raising electricity prices for people."

// Video by Anastasiia Stanko and Oleksandr Nazarov. Filmed 06.25.2015.