#ElectricYerevan Protest Spreads Across Armenia
2 July, 2015

With the Armenian government raising electricity costs to cover the debt owed by a Russian electric company, thousands have taken to the streets in the Armenian capital of Yerevan. But #ElectricYerevan has spread to the surrounding countryside, with other large towns joining in the protests.

Hromadske's Nastya Stanko went around to the smaller cities where protests have taken place.

"When we found out about what happened in Yerevan, when police had dispersed the protesters, our first thought was to go there, in the capital, but we've contacted others on Facebook and decided that it's also important to protest here, in our hometown," one protestor from Vanadzor, Armenia's third largest city, said.

"At first we have also been against the electricity price raise, but seeing the dispersing, it was the last drop. We want to do something, we want to fight for something."

Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan had come to a deal where the government would cover the cost of the electric company's debt instead of raising electricity prices. This has not been welcomed by the majority of people, who believe the government is still stealing from the people.

"And the fact that it'll be covered by the budget money... well, it's our money. It's like, "OK, if we're not taking it from your right pocket, than we'll take it from your left," remarked one protestor.

"Also, it's a nonsense to take money from our military budget, when we have a frozen conflict on our land."

// Video by Anastasiia Stanko and Oleksandr Nazarov. Filmed 06.25.2015.