#ElectricYerevan Faces: Part One
7 July, 2015

This video is a part of exclusive 'Faces of Armenia Trilogy' by Hromadske.

"It started last year when the price for electricity rose up by 10%. We went to protest and were beaten, the same as the day before tomorrow. We've started to think what we could do, and this year's rise in prices was too much. We want to prevent it. This is how it happened," stated Vaghinak Shushanyan, a young protestor taking part in #ElectricYerevan.

These protests have gained much popular support since they first started. The protests have come to represent the corruption endemic to Armenia. Since the start of the protests thousands gathered but have since been dispersed by police. The government is currently negotiating with the protestors and has opened an investigation into the crackdown of the protests.

Shushanyan speaking on the amount of popular support: "I don't know, maybe they liked the idea. Maybe they liked us, maybe they liked that we're not politicians. Everything comes from people, we have no sponsors."

// Video by Nastya Stanko and Oleksandr Nazarov. Filmed in June, 2015.