#ElectricYerevan Faces: Part Two
7 July, 2015

This video is a part of exclusive 'Faces of Armenia Trilogy' by Hromadske.

In Armenia, many were prompted to protest due to the increase in electricity prices, resulting in the #ElectricYerevan hashtag. However, these protests took on much larger forms as the population has protested against what they see as a corrupt government that does no represent them or the values they stand for.

"I'm here to go against our authorities once again," proclaimed Shagen Arutyunyan. "Armenia has many political prisoners, and my father with his friends were fighting for the higher values. Unfortunately, they will stay in prison for a long time. I'm also here for the higher values: freedom, equality, solidarity, patriotism."

Since the start of the protests thousands gathered but have since been dispersed by police. The government is currently negotiating with the protestors and has opened an investigation into the crackdown of the protests.

// Video by Nastya Stanko and Oleksandr Nazarov. Filmed in June, 2015.