#ElectricYerevan Faces: Part Three
7 July, 2015

This video is a part of exclusive 'Faces of Armenia Trilogy' by Hromadske.

Jirair Sefilian, Leader of Founding Parliament civil initiative opposition group, speaks how he would bring change to Armenia.

"It's naive to think you can change something through elections. It's exactly like a casino, where you loose to the owners anyway."

Sefilian is a decorated war veteran of the Nagorno-Karabakh War, which took place from 1988-1994. He came out to the protests that started when government wanted to raise electricity prices. This prompted thousands to go out into the streets in what would be called #ElectricYerevan.

Sefilian goes through his rough idea for a plan: "We will change it very easily, according to the people's will. There were no such cases where dictatorship could be changed by performing an election. People should mobilize and start dictating their own will through civil disobedience. The regime is collapsing anyway, but while it stands we should form our own, parallel authorities and the transitional period plan."

If necessary, he and his supporters will use weapons to topple the Armenian government, who is currently negotiating with the protestors and has opened an investigation into the crackdown of the protests.

// Video by Nastya Stanko and Oleksandr Nazarov. Filmed in June, 2015.