#ElectricYerevan 2.0: A Surprising Comeback
15 September, 2015

What You Need To Know:

✓ Armenia massive social uprising Electric Yerevan restarts with another police crackdown;
✓ Protesters aren’t happy with the government attempt to subsidize the hike in energy prices with taxpayer money;
✓ ‘The problem with the movement was some fragmentation, even if they have clear demands’;
✓ The government does still not address demands and frustration of the Electric Yerevan protesters.

On late evening of September 11th, 2015 thousands of protesters came back to downtown Yerevan in Armenia to renew their peaceful non-stop rally against high energy tariffs in the country. Police, once again, used force to disperse the crowd. The similar treatment sparked the Electric Yerevan uprising earlier in June (check Hromadske’s multimedia explainer).

Despite a brief pause, the movement was still ‘simmering below the surface’, Maria Titizian of independent Armenian news-network Civil.Net explains. ‘The problem with the movement was some fragmentation, even if they have clear demands. After the June 23rd heavy-handed police response to the protesters and the weeks after the Bagryamyan Avenue (the epicenter of the protest) was shot down, parts of the movement was fragmented. They had a bit of difficulty gathering the momentum yet again. But I don’t think we will see the end of this,’ Titizian predicts as major driven forces behind the uprising are still relevant.

Damian Kolodiy of Hromadske International spoke to Maria Titizian on September 13th, 2015.