Displaced People Find Home In Train Wagons
5 April, 2015

Thousands of people from Debaltseve, as well as those who do not want to or cannot live in the separatist-held territories, have fled through Sloviansk – a city located in the East which has been under Ukrainian control since July.
The train station in Sloviansk is now a place where displaced people can register with the authorities and receive help. In general a network of volunteers and church organizations help people re-settle quickly either in their own centers or elsewhere in Ukraine.

On one of the platforms, however, around 30 IDPs have set up home in the stationary wagons. In wagon number 2, a woman named Nataliya is living with her two children and they appear in no hurry to leave.

// Video and text by Angelina Kariakina. Filmed on 03.13.2015