What's Behind The Dismissal Of Ukraine's Security Chief
23 June, 2015

What You Need To Know:

✓ Dismissal of Ukraine's Security Chief not tied to the 'de-oligarchization' campaign;
✓ President Poroshenko is concentrating security service into his personal control;
✓ This dismissal will not see an unraveling of security in Ukraine, nor is the situation likely to get better.

“This is a fight and struggle for financial resources and control of political tools,” insisted Dmytro Gnap, investigative journalist for

This week President Poroshenko dismissed his Chief of Security, Valyntyn Nalyvaichenko. Gnap sees this as Poroshenko trying to fix his old mistakes made during hidden political unions with oligarchs such as Firtash and Kolomoisky. During his Presidential campaign he arranged for support from oligarchs and promised them positions to be occupied by men loyal to them. When Firtash revealed in an Austrian court their hidden negotiations, Poroshenko broke off ties with Firtash and fired Nalyvaichenko.

“I’m not a believer of de-oligarchization during Poroshenko’s Presidency because first-of-all for real de-oligarchization he must clear Ukrainian policy from himself” says Gnap.

With a decline in both Poroshenko’s Presidential rating and his political party’s ratings going into upcoming local elections, he now has to concentrate law enforcement structures in his hands, with people in power who are loyal to him.

Nalyvaichenko has very little political capital, as his Security Service has been hit with multiple scandals that have tarnished his image with the Ukrainian public. Gnap says that as Nalyvaichenko was part of the older generation of political leaders, he did not see communication with the people as part of his solving of problems and dealing with corruption. Moreover, these kinds of politicians see communication as strictly a public relations activity.

Gnap carefully notes: “Nalyvaichenko was no genius of arrangement of Ukraine Security Service, so with his dismissal we will not have a complete falling-down of the security service, nor surely we expect a bright improvement.”

“Expectations of society, of Ukraine in general and demands from the situation were higher than what Nalyvaichenko tried to do to solve these problems.”

Hromadske International's Angelina Kariakina and Volodymyr Yermolenko spoke with Dmytro Gnap on June 21, 2015.