Chaos After Explosions Near Ukraine Parliament
31 August, 2015

According to Ukrainian Interior Minister's adviser Anton Gerashchenko, a hand grenade has been thrown in law enforcement forces; he also states that around 30 people have been detained.

As reported by Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, overall more than 120 servicemen are injured, 2 French journalists are among the wounded; a soldier, Ihor Debrin, b. 1990 died in a hospital from a grenade fragment that pierced his chest. Avakov also said the man who has thrown a hand grenade is a supposed Svoboda party member from the Sich battalion.

Clashes between police forces and protesters started after MPs supported decentralization amendments to the Ukrainian constitution, that aim to change some of provisions of the constitution regarding territorial and administrative structure to comply with Minsk II UN Security Council provisions.

// Video by Khrystyna Bondarenko and Kocc Kazymko. Filmed 08.31.2015