Ceasefire 'Only In Name'
25 November, 2014

The Ukrainians struggle to understand why heavy fighting in the East is called ‘a truce’

A pro-Russian rebel walks past burnt-out vehicles in an area that was recently shelled in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, September 16, 2014. Photo: Reuters

by Chris DunnettStefan Huijboom, Hromadske International

produced by Maxim Eristavi

What You Need To Know:

✔️ A ceasefire was declared in the Donbas, Eastern Ukraine, on September 5;

✔️ The Ukrainian government has agreed to grant separatists forces some “autonomy”;

✔️ Multiple soldiers and civilians reportedly killed since start of the ceasefire;

✔️ As the death toll mounts, Poroshenko vigorously defends his unpopular peace plan;

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