Carl Bildt Explains Why The Conflict In Ukraine Is Not Over
15 September, 2015

What You Need To Know:

✔️ Although the ceasefire is holding up, the Ukrainian conflict is not over;
✔️ Important to realize that Putin can close down the attacks in Eastern Ukraine whenever he wants;
✔️ "If I had written the second Minsk agreement, it would have been different";
✔️ Local elections must happen in occupied territories, and must be conducted in a free and fair way;
✔️ Faith in EU was going down but it's rising again.

The former Prime Minister of Sweden, Carl Bildt, says that "the conflict in Ukraine is not over, despite the recent 24 hours of quiet" and perhaps more importantly,  people should realize how quickly Putin is able to control and shutdown the firing against Ukrainian soldiers.

Bildt believes that the only reason Ukraine is seeing such relative calm right now is because Putin is making himself and Russia look good before his talk at the UN, as well as saving face for the upcoming sanctions renewal talks within the EU.

The former Prime Minister also gives his thoughts on allegations of crises in Europe, saying that it's not so much about Europe in crisis, but rather, an international order in crisis which is directly affecting Europe . 
"For a number of years, faith in EU was going down but it's going up again. Yes, the economies are not fantastic, but they are getting better, and the only critical problem is Greece."

Natalia Gumenyuk of Hromadske International spoke to Carl Bildt during the international YES conference in Kyiv on September 11th, 2015.


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