Canadian Medical Mission to Ukraine
1 December, 2015

This is the third mission of the Canadian medical mission to Ukraine in which 25 doctors and nurses help to operate on Ukrainian soldiers and citizens wounded in the war in Donbass. The project is funded in part by the Canadian government as well as private donations from Canadian citizens.

The majority of the surgeries are performed on cranio-facial wounds, sustained from shrapnel and bullets. The operations are completed by Canadian medical professionals free of charge for the Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. They are part of Canada’s long standing dedication to Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression.

Many of the soldiers and civilians have spent over a year with their injuries untreated because they simply could not afford the necessary surgery.

The goal of the program is not only to perform direct surgeries but also to build a framework for the continuation of such work by passing along the knowledge of the Canadian surgeons to Ukrainian surgeons and nurses.

Hromadske International interviewed doctors, nurses, and organizers from the Canadian Medical Mission as well as Ukrainian soldiers at a military hospital in Kyiv in November 2015.