Bridging The War. A Heartbreaking Dispatch From East Ukraine
4 November, 2015

The bridge between Stanytsia and Luhansk separates rebel held territory from the rest of Ukraine.  If it was alive, it would see and feel an extraordinary amount of events.

Destroyed on both sides, the bridge has seen a coffin carried from Luhansk for burial in Stanytsia...  An old woman weeping at not being able to cross to reach her grandson’s funeral.

Recently, the bridge has seen some happiness. A few women from Stanytsia have finally seen their husbands who have remained in Luhansk since May 2015. The bridge was bombed and the road was closed.

Now, for first time in half a year, a bride meets her fiance on one side of the bridge. The meeting is only for 10 minutes because it takes 5 hours in a queue on one side and 2 hours on the other.  The important thing is that now there is an opportunity to cross, and children come to parents and parents come to children.

If the bridge observed people on both sides, it wouldn’t distinguish between them, but understand that they are parts of opposite armies recognized by flags and TV and radio comments sounding on different sides.