Bodies from Check Point 32 Returned
6 November, 2014

On Check Point (Block Post) 32 near Smila (Ukraine) bodies were brought in. This is the first time that separatists allowed  the bodies  of the Ukrainian military to be taken away. They were killed in a minefield. How many bodies were taken - as much as 4 is the only known number. At least three from "Aidair" battalion who died last Sunday and one of their commanders who died two weeks ago, the rest are the remains of 5 or 6 bodies. In fact, to take out the dead from a locked checkpoint, separatists gave a specific hour and as a guarantee took two hostages. There was an ultimatum given to checkpoint 32: you have up to 12 nights to get out of the green corridor. Otherwise, tanks will be going to checkpoint. Overall, 80 paratroopers and air crew boldly took on about 22 separatist tanks, as well as a car full of landmines. All right around roadblock 32 is mined. 
Now against our soldiers are soldiers of the Pskov Russian regiment, Serbian mercenaries and local separatists. Ukrainian soldiers have no food, water or warm clothes. Yesterday for the first time in two weeks separatists allowed a car out with a hundred liters of water, and allow some pasta, and some other provisions, which was passed along to our soldiers. 
High command only has one mandate: to keep up an open fire, they can only answer with small arms - and against tanks. Soldiers do not understand their job to keep checkpoint 32, and explain that to hold just a mile is pointless. And when someone tries to breakthrough with provisions, they are immediately fired upon and killed and nothing reaches the soldiers. They want to go to the green corridor and are afraid of charges of desertion.