Blind Veteran Remembers WWII, Longs For Peace In Ukraine
10 May, 2015

Zoia Anots’ka from the Luhansk region was 19 when went to the front during World War II. Her job was to accompany cars to and from the front.

As they were transporting some of the wounded to a hospital in Austria the car she was in was blown up. She was permanently blinded. Her sight in the left eye was lost straight away. Tragically she was unable to receive proper treatment for 10 days and so she lost her right eye too. By the time Victory Day arrived in 1945, Anots’ka was still in hospital recovering.

Anots’ka is now 89 years old. She constantly follows what is happening in the country. More than anything she wants for there to be peace on Victory Day and for young people to stop dying in Ukraine.

// Hromadske.Cherkasy. Filmed in May.