Battle Of Yahotyn Right Wing Activists Against Refugees
24 March, 2016

A right-wing crowd attacked with eggs Ukrainian and foreign officials attempting to open a refugee center in the Kyiv province. Ukrainian State Migration Service officers, UN representatives and human rights activists faced an angry crowd of locals, supported by far-right groups on the central square of small town of Yahotyn.

This was the second assembly of its kind with an attempt to play down concerns of local authorities and people regarding a newly-opened refugee center. Right-wing activists who arrived from Kyiv made it impossible to establish a dialogue with the community.

110 people of different nationalities will be sheltered in the refugee center in Yahotyn. The majority of people who want to move to Ukraine are from Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia and Russia. After the first meeting was held in February, a group of locals decided to start collecting signatures against "200 Syrian war refugees.”

Video by Anna Tsygyma and Kseniya Marchenko