Arson Attack Destroys Four OSCE Cars In East Ukraine
10 August, 2015

Late at night four OSCE armored vehicles were burnt down in separatist-controlled Donetsk, Eastern Ukraine on August 9, 2015. "The mission has no intention of leaving the city and will continue to observe the situation", stated the OSCE monitoring mission on its Twitter afterwards.

"Today we have also reported a well-organised peacuful demonstration in front of the OSCE quarters in Luhansk, very similar to the one in Donetsk last Thursday. There were around 200 people there", told Hromadske Alexander Hug, Deputy Chief Monitor of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine, via Skype.

Total damage from the accident amounts to around 1 million dollars.

// Video by Filmed 08.09.2015.