'Americans Freed Me', Elderly Woman From East Ukraine
10 May, 2015

"Americans freed me", suddenly answers Olha Mykhailivna from Makiivka, a city in Donetsk Oblast, Eastern Ukraine.

She's 95 years old, and her memories today are mostly focused on WW2 and time of her youth. She told Hromadske about her three years in Germany, where she worked in a factory.
Olha Mykhailivna lives in Makiivka with her children, but they have already retired. The elderly woman has hearing problems and is in need of medicine.

International humanitarian organisations don't provide individuals with medicine, they give it only to hospitals. Instead volunteers from Donetsk provide medicine to individuals.

// Nataliya Gumenyuk, Bohdan Kinashchuk. Filmed in April.