Amazing Story From Ukraine's Frontline Restores Faith In Love
11 January, 2016

They have been living together for more than 50 years. She is ill and cannot walk. He takes care of her and still speaks incredibly about her. A dog named Bulya lives with them in a small country house in the Ukrainian village of Krasnohorivka near Donetsk. Their life is fine except for the fact that the house does not belong to them, there has not been electricity for a month, and there is a war going on outside.

Leonid Oleksiyovych and Klavdiya Fedorovna have lived all their lives in Krashohorivka. They often recall what a peaceful town it was before the war started. They remember the days of their youth when they occasionally met at the hairdresser before partying. Leonid Oleksiyovych had to travel 40 kilometres to reach the village of his future wife. The people used to be friendlier; it was possible to make plans, they say. But now everything is unclear.

"Our people are here and there... I don't know who to defend", – Leonid Okeksiyovych says.