Along Ukraine Frontline, Civilians Face A Lack Of State Support
11 February, 2016

In Donbass, civilians are facing a lack of state support. The city of Zolotoye is located in the Luhansk region on the Ukraine-controlled territory, one kilometer from the last Ukrainian trenches. 1200 people were living in this village before the war – now there are only 800 and they are receiving little help from the Ukrainian Government. To face the winter, inhabitants have been relying on assistance from local NGOs and the UNHCR who regularly come to distribute winter clothes, food and materials to fix the houses destroyed by the shelling. The ceasefire is maybe effective but for these people who survived the intense shelling, the trauma and fear are still a daily reality for them.

The report was filmed in the Luhansk region  on 2nd February 2016 by Hromadske’s Paul Gogo.