'Almost No Official Way' To Leave Rebel-Held Luhansk Area - Reporter
23 March, 2015

Locals in separatist-held Luhansk live in constant fear of shelling, but are unable to leave the area, said Hromadske journalist Angelina Kariakina. Many people hoped to find an official way to leave, but have wound up stuck.

Traveling from separatist-held territories to the border with Ukraine costs several hundred hryvnias- money that most people in Luhansk do not have since work has dried up since the war began. Then, provided they make it to the checkpoints, people have to go through a strict check to re-enter the Ukrainian-held territory. If all of their paperwork is not in order, people are often told to come back in several weeks time.

Kariakina made her journey with Viktoria Ivleva, a Russian photojournalist who now helps locals evacuate from separatist-held territories.

Ian Bateson spoke with Kariakina about the difficulties residents face when trying to evacuate from separatist-held Luhansk.