61% of Ukrainians to Vote for Zelenskiy - Latest Poll
11 April, 2019

61% of Ukrainians who intend to come to the polling stations on April 21 for the second round of the presidential elections will opt for showman Volodymyr Zelenskiy. The current head of state Petro Poroshenko will get 24% of the votes. The remaining 15% of respondents have not yet decided.

This is evidenced by a survey conducted by the Sociological group RATING, and carried out on April 5-10.

51% of all interviewed Ukrainians plan to vote in favor of Zelenskiy in the second round, 21% - for Poroshenko, 18% are undecided, and the remaining 10% do not plan to vote at all.

Sociologists noted that among Poroshenko’s electorate 75% of voters would vote for him specifically, whereas 22% of his supporters vote against Zelenskiy.

At the same time, 57% vote for Zelenskiy as a candidate, and 41% of his voters choose him to express dislike of Poroshenko.

According to the poll, if everyone who had the right to vote made it to the polling station, Zelenskiy would receive 71.4%, while Poroshenko - only 28.6%.

3000 respondents over the age of 18 were interviewed for this survey. The margin of error is 1.8%.