41 people return home in latest Ukraine-Russia prisoner swap
6 May, 2022

Ukraine held another exchange of prisoners with Russia. 41 people are returning home, including 11 women, the Minister of Reintegration Iryna Vereshchuk announced.

28 military and 13 civilians were released. Among those released is a pastor of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

The previous exchange took place on April 30. Then 14 Ukrainians were released: seven military and seven civilians. One of the military women was five months pregnant.

The Security Service of Ukraine reported on May 5 that Ukraine had held nine prisoner exchanges with Russia since the beginning of the war. During this time, 324 Ukrainians returned home.

Where to turn if someone disappeared during the war?

Ukraine has a National Information Bureau to search for people with whom contact is lost during the Russo-Ukrainian war.

If your loved one who has been in a war zone or temporarily occupied territory has not been in touch for more than three days or if you suspect that s/he has been captured, contact the Bureau through any convenient communication channel:

hotline: 1648 and +38 (044) 287-81-65;
e-mail: [email protected];
website:, through a special form for requests for information about missing persons;
Telegram chat: @nib_uncp_bot;
Facebook page: