3 Immigration Officers Suspected of Killing Ukrainian Citizen Detained in Portugal
31 March, 2020

Three immigration officers suspected of killing a Ukrainian national have been detained at the Lisbon Airport on March 30, report the Portuguese judicial police.

Forensic police identified three inspectors, 42, 43 and 47 years of age, "in connection with convincing evidence of murder."

The detainees are immigration officers. The investigation considers them responsible for the death of a 40-year-old Ukrainian who tried to enter Portugal on March 10.

Police told the court that a Ukrainian man had been killed on March 12 at a temporary assembly center at Lisbon Airport after the Ukrainian allegedly began rioting.

In their story, TVI24 reported that the Ukrainian had been refused entry to Portugal for unknown reasons. He was taken to a temporary assembly room at the Lisbon Airport, where he was allegedly beaten by immigration officials.

It is noted that after the crime, suspects wanted to conceal the facts and failed to inform the judicial police.

The newspaper states that the Ukrainian was left handcuffed in the room. On the morning of March 12, he had a seizure and was lying on the floor.

After that, the victim was taken to the hospital, accompanied by an interpreter. The Ukrainian most likely had an epileptic fit.

According to medical reports, the Ukrainian was conscious and could speak when he was taken to hospital.

"Later, upon returning to the airport, the victim was killed in a medical room where there are no CCTV cameras," TVI24 noted.

According to Portuguese journalists, if proven guilty inspectors will face up to 25 years in prison.

The Embassy of Ukraine in Portugal responded to the death of the Ukrainian and appealed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal with a verbal note to facilitate an objective and fair investigation of the case.