29 Years Later Why Chernobyl Is Still Relevant
28 April, 2015

29 years on from the Chernobyl explosion and people are finding new and innovative ways to remember the disaster. Nadia Parfan is a co-founder of 86’ Festival which aims to address energy issues such as alternative energy sources and energy security. The festival is held in the town of Slavutych north of Kyiv which was built by the Soviet authorities to re-locate those forced to leave their homes near the nuclear reactor.

“The Soviet government put a lot of resources in there to kind of apologize and to try and make up to the people who move there,” said Parfan as she explained to Hromadske how the town resembles a sort of Swedish suburb.

The festival last year focused on the benefits of Soviet urban planning which encompassed a big share of nicely balanced small towns where you have nature, said Parfan. This year, however, the festival will focus on creating a mental power source. It invites participants to learn how to ward off the information war and stress by switching off their phones and watching some quality documentaries.

According to Parfan, the locals in Slavutych, who are mostly nuclear engineers and scientists still employed at Chernobyl, are also becoming increasing involved in the festival.

Hromadske International’s Ian Bateson and Angelina Kariakina spoke with Nadia Parfan on April 26, 2015.