2 More Coronavirus Cases Confirmed in Ukraine
12 March, 2020

Two new coronavirus cases have been registered in Ukraine, raising the total number of infected to three.

One new case was registered in the Zhytomyr region (northern Ukraine), the other in the Chernivtsi region (western Ukraine).

This was reported by the Ministry of Healthcare.

This comes nine days after the first coronavirus case was registered in Chernivtsi. The infected man is in stable condition, according to the ministry. 

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The Ukrainian foreign ministry has advised Ukrainians against traveling abroad at a time of the coronavirus pandemic.

As of March 12, all schools and universities in Ukraine are under the lockdown for three weeks. Public gatherings have been restricted. 170 out of 219 border checkpoints are closed.

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A new plan to ward off the coronavirus was presented by the Ukrainian government on March 9.

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