1,668 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in Ukraine
8 April, 2020

Ukraine’s confirmed coronavirus case count has climbed over the previous day by 206 new cases as of April 8, to 1,668, according to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The Ministry further reports that 35 people have been cleared of the infection, while 52 deaths have been caused as a result of the pandemic.

Despite the complete closure of all parks, schools, kindergartens, and other public areas in the country, head sanitary doctor Viktor Lyashko noted that the 206 new cases include 20 children. He also noted that 84.6% of the deaths caused by the coronavirus have been people over the age of 50.

“Right now in our health establishments, we have 757 people and 37 children with coronavirus in critical states. 37 of them require intensive therapy. 824 patients are currently receiving out-patient treatment,” added the doctor. This would mean that roughly 49% of the known coronavirus cases in Ukraine are not hospitalized, and have been given the all-clear to recover at home in self-isolation.

This falls in line with guidance from the World Health Organization, which recommends home care in situations where patients only have “mild illness” or if “inpatient care is unavailable or unsafe (e.g. capacity is limited, and resources are unable to meet the demand for health care services),” according to a March 17 document.

The Center for Public Health stated that since the start of the 2020, they’ve received notice of 7,025 suspected coronavirus cases.

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