Hromadske International brings together high-quality journalism, new media tools and objective analysis in one place. Hromadske is a vibrant start-up, founded by a unique team of Ukrainian and foreign journalists. With the launch of Hromadske International in 2014, the network now broadcasts in Ukrainian, English and Russian.
About us
Hromadske is here to fill the huge gap we've spotted in Ukrainian and Eastern European news. Rather than countering the mounting mistruths about Ukraine and Eastern Europe, we're here to show what's happening now, and to provide crucial insights into the situation.
The Hromadske Network prides itself on its impartiality. Hromadske is run as an NGO “Public Television” (Hromadske TV in Ukrainian). Journalists founded and run the organisation, and the funding comes from non-profit organisations. Launched on the eve of some of the most tumultuous days in the country’s history, Hromadske became the go-to medium for Ukrainians — the place to discover and make sense of what was happening in the country and the region.
Hromadske revolutionised the digital media landscape in Ukraine, and is the first news medium to successfully target young audiences. It has gained their trust by doing remarkable things within an incredibly tight budget.
Tune in and interact with us on Twitter and Facebook. We're here to inform, but we also want to hear what you're thinking.
Independent from the Ukrainian government and business groups
Founded and run by journalists
Funded by
non-profit organisations
Program Boardi
  • - elects the Head of the Organization;
  • - suggests for consideration of the Supervisory Board a candidate for CEO;
  • - adopts strategies for the implementation of editorial and information policy;
Nataliya Gumenyuk
Nataliya GumenyukHead of Organization
Angelina Kariakina
Angelina KariakinaEditor-In-Chief
Oleksandr Nazarov
Oleksandr NazarovVideographer
Evhen Samoylenko
Evhen SamoylenkoEditor
Андрій Сайчук
Andriy SaychukHost
  • – implements the strategic plan;
  • – manages assets and funds;
Katya Gorchinskaya
Katya GorchinskayaCEO
Supervisory Boardi
  • – appoints CEO
  • – approves financial policies of the Organization;
  • – monitors the implementation of the strategic plan;
Evhenia Zakrevska
Evhenia ZakrevskaHead of Supervisory Board
Olexiy Shalayskiy
Olexiy ShalayskiyInvestigative Journalist
Evhen Glibovytsky
Evhen GlibovytskyStrategy Advisor
Oleksandr Savruk
Oleksandr SavrukEconomist, Dean of KMBS
Yaroslav Hrytsak
Yaroslav HrytsakHistorian
Orysia Lutsevych
Orysia LutsevychExpert, Chatham House
Mykhailo Minakov
Mykhailo MinakovPolitical Philosopher
Evhen Fedchenko
Evhen FedchenkoDirector of Mohyla School of Journalism Head
Сontact information
Mykhaila Omelyanovycha-Pavlenka 4/6 Kyiv 01001, Ukraine+38 (067) 505-67-40+38 (067) 505-67-59Editorial:[email protected]Partnerships:[email protected]Technical issues:[email protected]