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'Film Industry: Vested Interest In Holding Back Originality' — Christopher Hampton

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Tanya Bednarczyk, 7:22AM 01/18/2017

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British playwright, screenwriter, and film director Christopher Hampton spoke to Hromadske about problems facing the movie industry, highlighting the major one as “an immense substantial vested interest in holding back originality.” Hampton explains that this is especially the case in Hollywood, where “originality is something that they are very scared by and uninterested in.”   Creativity can be found in film festivals around the world, however.

Hampton explains that when he was growing up, the cliché in Hollywood was that good books were never adapted into movies, but bad books were adapted into good films.  Thinking that was stupid, Hampton says “ I've tried to adapt books that I love.”

Hromadske spoke to Christopher Hampton in Ukraine in July, 2016. 

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