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One Soldier Said Peace Would Be Established Soon, Another Said To Run Away: Report From Eastern Ukraine

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Tanya Bednarczyk, 7:21AM 01/18/2017

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On December 20th, 2016, Hromadske traveled to the Luhanske village in the Donetsk region, where residents talked about the recent shellings that destroyed their surroundings. According to the inhabitants, the shots were coming from both sides, and flying directly above their heads.

“I met a soldier on my street and asked him what we should expect. He said that peace would be established soon,” says Polina.

“On the contrary, I was told to run away from here,” replies Mariya.

Another resident says that being surrounded by damaged infrastructure leads to psychological stress, tension and a reluctance to live.

“But life goes one. We will rebuild everything,” he adds.

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